Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Updated Access

The JUR keeps em rolling in!  So my previous links are outdated.  Here are (hopefully) permanent links...

Featured Scholar

Choreographing Emotion: The Process of Creating ViewFinder

In the future, look forward to my thesis work on ambiguity and counselors-in-training!  Just getting that one going here.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

No chi square for feelings

My own position on this is that, "There is no way to chi square a feeling and make it qualify as a scientific fact." This is based on the belief that human behavior is a part of all nature, so that it is as knowable and predictable and reproducible as other phenomena in nature; but I believe that research should be directed at making theoretical contact with other fields, rather than applying the scientific method to subjective human data.

From Bowen´s chapter ¨Theory in the practice of psychotherapy."  Couldn´t resist tossing that in when I read it while writing a family theories paper today :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Submission accepted!

What an honor! I've just been asked to be the Featured Scholar when my paper will be published in the Fall issue of UF's Journal of Undergraduate Research! Go here to see it now!

Looking back at this project months later has given me a fresh perspective on it while also recalling many important lessons. This is especially pertinent as my project relates to my experience in my first semester of graduate school. The project's concern of observing versus participating is ever-relevant as I work to be present while integrating new skills and ideas into my beginning counseling practices. It is one thing to learn about counseling skills, and another thing to embody them!

Personally I still struggle to be what I am lately calling "thin skinned," so that I am open to receive and be part of the world around me, particularly in emotions and body. I have noticed that as has been my habit, intellectually engaging is easier than the other more present-focused modes, but knowing that helps me to counter it by facing my "growth edges" instead of going with the immediate response. Realizing the importance of dance and my choreographic experiences has shown me that I'm in fact theoretically inclined towards a very present-focused therapeutic theory, Gestalt. Actually, rather than blogging now, I should be working on articulating my personal theory of counseling for a final paper.

Today this acceptance and honor has been a huge support as I continue to enthusiastically struggle to own and fully be who I am, to live that out prolifically. The process never ends!

...By the way, since you last heard from me I became a New York dancer, performing with my project mentor's company. Check out that story here: http://my2280pints.blogspot.com/! I'm the only future therapist I know who also lived and danced in the Big Apple!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Audience Photographs

Here are the photos taken by audience members during performances! I'm afraid some of the lighting didn't work out (I'm surprised, given the stage lights!) But what we do have gives us some good shots that reveal audience perspectives. Click for a full-view of each contact sheet. Apologies that the photos aren't larger. Even with a backer, the prices were higher than I expected and I barely had enough funding to get everything developed. I might ask Lydia to print a few favorites from the rolls of film later :)

I appreciate those of you who took the photos and any who are following up now to see them posted! Again, sorry about the delay- graduation and trying to get the paper on this project in a journal has me running like a mad person! Almost done!

Audience-photographer 1

Audience-photographer 2

Audience-photographer 3

Audience-photographer 4

Audience-photographer 5

Audience-photographer 6

Audience-photographer 7

Audience-photographer 8

Audience-photographer 9

Audience-photographer 10

I'll also try to get some of the files from Lydia's show photos! They were lots of fun :)
Again, thanks to all who were part of the development and performance of this piece!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sorry the show photos aren't posted yet! I want you to see the fruit of our creative work, but first I have to be sure I'm graduating properly. Two more papers (including a deadline for this project's!) and an art project for a class to finish by tomorrow. Then I can do this!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Rough draft done! Now to edit, edit, edit- and format it for submission- get feedback, and edit more. Then submit. I'm practically there, right? :)

Developing the photos was not cheap- thankfully my generous donor covered just enough that I think I'm breaking nearly even with everything. What's a few dollars for all this!

Looking at the photo thumbnails I ordered to show what's on the developed film rolls (so I might choose a few photos for Lydia to make prints of), I notice some distraction of audience members taking photos of friends- but I also recognize that this is their perspective! Interesting results! These, and photos from the seats are intermixed with closer photos of the piece of varying quality (about half are too poorly lit to show much- not sure what effect stage lighting/flash had on this). Somebody followed me around for a few shots, which entertains me- also, I didn't easily recognize my own photos from that day! There are some good ones in there, and I'll do my best to get them organized and posted up here soon (though possibly after I finish all my final projects in the next week)!